Whitney had researched Mykonos from the day we booked this trip and made a plan (of course Prue had her wishes too, but they sorted it all out before we arrived).  The goal became to see as many of the beaches as we could and stop at a few highly recommended restaurants along the way.  Our friends Prue and Paul split the excitement with us as we continued this trip through a couple of the Greek islands.

Day 1, our arrival.

Mykonos Town.  IMG_4597_1024The high speed ferry from Santorini brings us to the island of Mykonos just after noon.  The port town of Mykonos with its narrow streets and sidewalks greets us with open arms.  However, there is no time to sight-see right now as we have to check into our Airbnb and pick up our rental car.  Our host is kind enough to pick us up at the port, drive us to the house, and then to the car rental garage.  We had previously reserved a couple quad bikes/ATVs, but as we pull in to the parking lot and see the white mini-cooper with is red convertible top we instantly upgrade.  (This was probably the best choice as we end up driving around more than initially expected. Sure the ATVs sound like fun, but not for an entire stay here).

Soon we are settling into our home for the next few days…within minutes I am in the water.

Ornos beach.  Our home for Mykonos sits right on the water’s edge overlooking Ornos beach with its many lounge chairs and restaurants spilling out onto the sand.  We settle in, unpack a bit (I swim and snorkel around the bay) before heading back into the main town of Mykonos for the evening.

We manage to get lost on a few of the narrow roads while looking for parking; one dead end provides quite a beautiful overlook.  With fear of falling off the overhang at the road’s edge at bay, we eventually find parking and begin to make our way through the narrow streets on foot.

M-Eating.  We choose the best restaurant in town for this first night, M-Eating.  Whitney had done her research and made the reservation ahead of time.  The mood is set with dim lights and a soothing sea breeze blowing through the streets.  We enjoy the spectacular meal seated along one of the narrow pathways watching tourists wander along, in and out of various shops and restaurants.

After dinner, we wander around through the streets in and out of shops ourselves until we eventually head home.

Day 2

Kalo Livadi Beach.  The next morning, we are up early as usual.  After our coffees, we lower the top on our convertible and head to our first beach.  We miss a couple turns, but eventually find ourselves coming around a sharp corner when Kalo Livadi beach comes into view.  (The roads are not reliably named, so make sure your navigator is at least as good as Paul was; he somehow had me driving in the right direction every step of the way)  As soon as we see the beach Whitney takes the first opportunity to get in front of the camera.  We quickly park and rush out to the water’s edge to stretch out and soak in the sun.  Minutes later, I am approached by a beach side masseuse.  Without even responding, I pull out my 10euros and lay back on my towel to enjoy the soothing massage right there in the sand (It was well worth the price).

Kalafati Beach.  We soon head to the next beach where watersports are hosted.  Kalafati Beach has a small restaurant and dock at Daktilidis Village on one end with a section of lounges hosted by the Aphrodite Beach Hotel.  The remainder of the beach is open aside from the small cabana that rents surf boards, paddle boards, and windsurf boards.  Paul and I splurge for a couple paddle boards and have a great time splashing our way out into the sea.  We eventually split some time with the Whitney and Prue before turning them in.  For lunch we wander down to the Village for a quick sandwich before just relaxing in the sand.

Elia Beach.  I’ll say this beach has its own specific appeal.  We initially notice the gigantic rainbow flag blowing in the wind as we near the parking lot.  Even so, we grab our things and head out onto the sand (We can’t miss out on enjoying another beach).  The scenery is just as gorgeous as the rest with its own unique backdrop.  Unfortunately the techno-club music blasting didn’t appeal to us and we didn’t stay long or bring out the camera (The guys in speedos didn’t improve the scene either for Paul and me…just not our thing, and we had only just gotten used to the European swim suits).

Katerina’s Bar.  As evening nears we choose to go into Mykonos Town again.  We again wander through the narrow streets, into and passing many shops along the way.  Soon we are in an area called little Italy on the edge of town with restaurants on the water with spectacular westward views.  We browse a few menus and eventually choose Katerina’s Bar.  The open windows looking out to sea allow us to enjoy the gorgeous sunset.  I gladly took the less desired seat at our table and inhaled another superb Greek meal.

Day 3

Agios Sostis.  This secluded beach sits on one of the inlets on the north side of the island.  We park at the top of the cliffs overlooking the bay before hiking down the exceedingly steep path on our way to the water.  We are nearly the first to arrive at the beach and after the usual wandering on the sand looking for the “perfect spot” in so much open space, we finally lay down our towels.  The calm waters of the Mediterranean quickly invite us in.  (Paul made it a nude beach momentarily, thankfully he was in the water at the time).


Kiki’s Tavern.  At about 11:30 we are getting a little hungry and decide it’s time to get in line to check off our #1 recommended restaurant.  Kiki’s is a tiny restaurant built out as a patio with stone walls and wooden beams supporting a series of vines partially forming the roof.  Being located about midway up the steep hill, the sea breeze gently blows through the restaurant carrying with it the desired aromas of the Greek cuisine we are soon to enjoy.  The restaurant doesn’t take any reservations, and seating does not begin until 1pm.  However, we made sure to get here early and we watch as the line forms behind us.  We are finally given a table, place our order at the buffet/bar inside the kitchen, and then split a large variety of dishes…It’s great to have so many options when travelling in a group of 4!

After lunch we slowly make our way back up to the car to travel to our next beach…

Paradise Beach.  This is one of the well-known party beaches in Mykonos.  A tall fence shields the beach from the parking and the bars pour onto the beach with numerous lounge chairs with colorful umbrellas.  The large boxes to host dancers stationed throughout the bars hint at what must happen here when the parties are in full bloom.  That afternoon it was quite calm making for the perfect way to spend our last day in Paradise.

Exhausted from the entire trip, we are barely able to get ourselves back out of the house to find dinner.  We gradually make our way into Ornos, however, I cannot even tell you which restaurant we chose.  I’m sure it was good, or I’d at least remember that much.  Then it is back to bed because we must get to airport early the next morning for our next stop Venice, Italy.



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