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Backpacking through Malaysian Borneo: Second stop, Orangutans in Sepilok!

Orangutans, the critically endangered great apes, live in the wild in only 2 places in the world. That's right, only 2 places. The rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. We just so happened to be heading that way when we booked our trip to Malaysian Borneo for diving. So, after a little research, we arranged our flights in and out...

Backpacking through Malaysian Borneo: First Stop, Sipadan Island!

After taking a diving refresher course in Thailand when my sister Lilli was traveling with us, I was determined to find the best diving in Southeast Asia. It only took a minute to Google "the best scuba diving in the world" and find Sipadan Island at the top. And it certainly didn't hurt that some of the dive lodges...